Star Wars X-Wing Miniature Tournament with Family Fun Hobbies

Store Hours: Sunday: 11am-6pm • Monday - Friday: 10am-9pm • Saturday: 10am-6pm

All About Star Wars X-Wing
Miniature Tournament

• $10.00 per month (four week seasons)

• Entry Fee must be paid at the START of the Season

• 100 point Maximum
• Released product Only
• No Epic Ships
• During the first week, players will be paired up randomly.
• All battles must be fought at Family Fun Hobbies.
• All battles last 75 minutes.
• Players have from Monday when the pairings are posted until the following Sunday at close of business to complete their matches.
• All match results should be reported to a Store Employee, as well as posted to the Family Fun Hobbies Star Wars Gaming Facebook group.
• If two players in a Match do not complete their Match by Sunday close of business, they will BOTH be issued a Loss for that week.
• If one player in a Match has shown up by close of business Sunday, and the other has not, the player who showed up for the scheduled Match will receive a Match Win.

• One half of each player’s Entry Fee will be placed into the Prize Pool. This will be divided among the Top Players in the form of Family Fun Hobbies Gift Cards, with the value of the cards and number of them depending upon the number of players involved in the Season.

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