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What is D&D Encounters?
D&D Encounters is an in-store mini-campaign played out one encounter per session, with sessions every Wednesday. Each week, your character will earn Experience Points for various accomplishments made in the game, whether through defeating monsters, overcoming traps, or completing missions. Experience Points allow you the ability to increase the capabilities of your player as you travel throughout the various adventures. D&D Encounters seasons rotate every few months, giving you the opportunity to try new adventure settings multiple times per year!

What Do I Need to Play?

Each D&D Encounters season is a new mini-campaign experience. You can jump in anytime. Pre-generated characters are always available for play, and you will also have the option to create your own character.

Do I need to bring a character with me? 
We are currently using the new D&D rules (commonly known as 5th Edition or D&D Next). We were privileged to be one of the first stores allowed to beta test the game two and a half years ago, so all of our Dungeon Masters are well versed in its rules. It is a smooth and simple rules system, and we have people on hand who can assist you in quickly creating your own player character.

What Do I Need to DM?

If you wish to DM, we will have all the adventure materials you need to prepare to run the weekly sessions, including the adventure, maps, and tokens to represent the characters, monsters, and other game elements. Preparing for a game couldn’t be easier; simply read the background material and prep the encounter for that week!

Please Note: This is a Wizards of the Coast Sanctioned Event. If you do not have a DCI Membership, we will sign you up. There is no cost at all (or any hidden fees) to being a DCI Member.