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Gift Registry

Keep your Birthday/Gift Registry on file with Family Fun Hobbies!

Family Fun Hobbies is pleased to announce our Birthday/Gift Registry. Simply fill out the form below (we can help) and ask a Sales Associate to keep it on file for you. We will contact your family and friends to let them know you have a registry with us and let
Get ready to race

How to Build a Successful Pinewood Derby Car: Get Ready to Race!

Essential Supplies Finishing: Sandpaper (various grades from coarse to very fine) Sanding Sealer Soft Natural Brush Paint Cutting Tools (Coping Saw, Band Saw, etc.) Speed: Weights (the closer to 5 ounces the car is, the faster it will be) Graphite Powder (Axle lubricant to reduce friction) Optional Supplies Finishing: Decals
Pinewood Derby #ShareYourHobby

Pinewood Derby runs in the Family!

Most of the Pinewood Derby Cars you see on display in our #ShareYourHobby Showcase and the front Window at Family Fun Hobbies  were designed, decorated and raced by customers and Father and Son team Dave & Alex Y. formerly of Robbinsville, NJ Pack 79. As you can see, they fully
Where is Maccabee?

Where is Maccabee?

Maccabee has informed us that he’s ready to celebrate Hanukkah at Family Fun Hobbies! Starting the first day of Hanukkah, Dec 24th, our Maccabee is going to be roaming the store to check out our products, demo a few games, build puzzles, play D&D…who knows really. He is super excited
15 Adult Party Games

15 Perfect Party Games for the Adults!

1. ROFL – Can you condense a well-known phrase down to just a few letters and symbols? Can you do it using fewer characters than any other player, but still get your message across? Find out with ROFL! ROFL! pits players against each other as they strive to condense messages down to
7 Great Gift Games for the Whole Family

7 Great Gift Games for the Whole Family!

1. Evolution – Evolution is a game about making and evolving animals species into the best they can be! This is a resource management game for 2-6 players. The game is appropriate for ages 12+ due to lots of small tokens and other pieces to keep track of, and takes about
7 Great Gift Games for Teens!

7 Great Gift Games for your Teenager!

1. Dominion –While there are many games which introduce similar mechanics and more intricate designs since its original release, Dominion is still the forerunner for the modern CCG (collectible card game) in the same vein as older, more established TCG (trading card games) such as Magic: The Gathering, Pokémon, and Yugioh (to name a few). Dominion offers a
Caitlin Civitello Card Alters

Magic the Gathering Card Art Alters – by Caitlin Civitello

My name is Caitlin Civitello and I’ve been doing Magic alters for about five years. I don’t play Magic, or even fully understand how the game works; but my husband has played for years and showed me pictures online of some cards that had been altered that he thought looked
5 Great Gift Games for Elementary Kids

5 Great Gift Games for Elementary Kids

 Spot It! – Spot It is a card game for 2-4 Players and is played by matching images on cards using a 55 card deck. Each player is dealt an equivalent number of cards until they are all dealt out, and one remaining card is placed in the center of the
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