Magic the Gathering Card Art Alters – by Caitlin Civitello

Caitlin Civitello Card Alters

My name is Caitlin Civitello and I’ve been doing Magic alters for about five years. I don’t play Magic, or even fully understand how the game works; but my husband has played for years and showed me pictures online of some cards that had been altered that he thought looked pretty cool.  I told him that it didn’t seem too difficult and thought I could do it, so he gave me a few cards and it turned out I wasn’t terrible.

When I first started out, I would dig through his cards for anything that I thought looked interesting and would do primarily background extensions.  As I’ve gotten more comfortable and developed a process, I branched out and now a lot of what I do are completely redesigned art/layouts.  For fun I would list a few of the cards on eBay when I was done, and to my surprise people other than my husband and his friends were buying them.

The worst part of doing alters is when I find out how much some of the cards people give me to paint are worth.  Nothing is more comforting than my husband telling me, “Don’t mess this one up, I can’t afford to replace that card if something goes wrong.”  Other than that, I really enjoy it and it’s enabled me to share in one of my husband’s favorite hobbies.

To see more of Cait’s Magic the Gathering Alter Art Cards, please stop in and check out our #ShareYourHobby showcase.


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