Math Fluxx is coming March 9th!

Are you fan of Fluxx? Do you know Fluxx? Either way, this post is for you! All Looney Labs Games, the inventor of all of the Fluxx Card Games are chock full of fun, but did you know they are actually educational, too? Fluxx games encourage critical thinking, text analysis,
Valentine's Day

Board & Card Games for Valentine’s Day!

Let’s face it, sometimes you just want to play a game with your significant other, or you just don’t have 4 people available for a larger player game. To celebrate Valentine’s Day, here are some games you can play with just 2 players! 1.  Star Realms – Star Realms is a

Have you got all of your dates in a row?

Timeline Card Games! by Asmodee Which came first, the first appearance of Frankenstein’s monster or the battle between Blackbeard and the HMS Pearl? When did humans first develop agriculture? Think you know? Then you might enjoy Timeline, a fun and quick card game that’s all about getting your dates in a
ticket contest

Movie Tickets Contest!!!

The Hamilton, NJ AMC will be one of a few theaters to Premier “Growing Up Smith” on Friday February 3rd! To help get the word out, the movie promoters have asked Family Fun Hobbies to hand out flyers and to GIVE AWAY SOME TICKETS!!! The tickets are FREE for you and
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mtg banned

Competitive Magic the Gathering: Banned Cards

Competitive Magic: the Gathering can often be a stark contrast to what the vast majority of Magic players are used to. Large scale tournaments post attendance numbers in the thousands, and some players make their living traveling the tournament circuit every weekend and playing the most powerful decks comprised of
Pokemon League Cup

2017 Winter Pokémon League Cup

Family Fun Hobbies is excited to announce we will be hosting our First Pokémon League Cup! January 21st, 2017 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM Event Registration Time: 10:00 AM Event Start Time: 11:00 AM Location: Burlington Center Mall – 2501 Mt Holly Rd, Burlington, NJ 08016 Entry Fee: $15 entry

Magic the Gathering – Aether Revolt Top 5

It’s a new year and a new Magic the Gathering set is on the horizon, and with the set fully released for viewing online players all over the world are weighing in on card quality, potential playability, and power level. With experts of all stripes making their opinion known the
Gift Registry

Keep your Birthday/Gift Registry on file with Family Fun Hobbies!

Family Fun Hobbies is pleased to announce our Birthday/Gift Registry. Simply fill out the form below (we can help) and ask a Sales Associate to keep it on file for you. We will contact your family and friends to let them know you have a registry with us and let
Get ready to race

How to Build a Successful Pinewood Derby Car: Get Ready to Race!

Essential Supplies Finishing: Sandpaper (various grades from coarse to very fine) Sanding Sealer Soft Natural Brush Paint Cutting Tools (Coping Saw, Band Saw, etc.) Speed: Weights (the closer to 5 ounces the car is, the faster it will be) Graphite Powder (Axle lubricant to reduce friction) Optional Supplies Finishing: Decals
Pinewood Derby #ShareYourHobby

Pinewood Derby runs in the Family!

Most of the Pinewood Derby Cars you see on display in our #ShareYourHobby Showcase and the front Window at Family Fun Hobbies  were designed, decorated and raced by customers and Father and Son team Dave & Alex Y. formerly of Robbinsville, NJ Pack 79. As you can see, they fully